A Need for Libraries in the Slums


I think most girls are not informed because of lack of access to information.

First by Claris starting libraries, it means many opportunities will come her way. Most internships, jobs and even schools are looking for young people who are capable of leading others and also who are whole rounded. This community service would enable Claris to be successful. It will help her to grow as a person because her leadership skills will develop greatly.

Most school going children especially in slums do not do well because they cannot access books for revision and also doing their homework. These libraries can enable them to revise for their exams and present their homework on time. The students would be motivated to work hard in school to be successful in future.

I think that libraries will also help young girls. Through magazines, newspapers in the library they will get empowered. For instance, they will know the disadvantages of early marriages, early sexual behaviors. Apart from that, they can get motivational information that can assist them when they face challenges. This is because most of them do not have access to electronic mass media.

Moreover, I think that the crime situations in slums will drastically reduce. Youth would be able to utilize their time. During free time they can access the library to read. Hence they will not have time to spend on drinking which is common among the youth now days. The drinking always results in unprotected sexual behaviors and poses health hazards to individual people.

By building libraries Claris serves as role model to many people. The youths will also be motivated to starts other community services which will benefit them also the community members. Hence they will realize that they can also lead and that they are leaders wherever they are.

Sharon Chepkoriri

Nairobi, Kenya