The Importance of Initiating

Slum Libraries


When the book is the only window a child in the slum can see the world, it is only important to make it available for this expected future driver of change.

Listed below are among the prospected impacts of fitting slum libraries.

Inspiring Slum Children through Education

With the hostile conditions of the slums, it is really difficult to get children to school and get them to stay there. With this in mind, building of libraries will draw and capture the interest of the children. They will find books and libraries a haven in the midst of what they go through.

Eradicating Poverty through Education

Equipping children with quality education is a great tool that can be used to break through the barrier of poverty. With education, the children can earn themselves scholarships based on academics which would help them navigate into a new better world. Apart from that, education will open up their minds and imagination which will intrigue their imagination.

Reducing Insecurity in Slums Through Education

Rising tensions and high rates of crime and of street disorders in slum districts are believed to stem in large measure from frustrations and hostilities prevalent among the poorly educated youths who live there and who are not fitted for regular employment. Building slum libraries would curb this as the youth can learn useful skills that they can use in money generating projects. This would bring a positive and safe atmosphere in the slums.

Improving The Ability of Learning Through Libraries

Not only do the schools fail to educate many of their pupils; they may even hamper a slum child’s educational advancement. Lower-class children are particularly handicapped when they enter school by an inability to express themselves. This affects their scores on intelligence tests and retards their progress in learning to read. Slum library fitting would enable these children to learn at their own pace and will hence improve their reading and writing skills.

Faith Nganga

Nairobi, Kenya